Best Cycling Routes in Pune

This list is a personal and non-exhaustive selection of my best cycling routes in and around Pune. Enjoy !

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For each route, I provide GPX file, distance, elevation gain, terrain and Strava link.

Distance : Kilometers. Distance of the loop if it is a loop, distance of the climb (only) if it is a climb.

Elevation : Meters. Total elevation gain of the route.

GPX File : You can downdload it and use it with your GPS and/or favourite mobile application.

Strava link : The Strava page of the route.

Type : Climb or Loop.

Terrain : Road, Gravel, Track. Gives you an indication about the best bike to use for the ride. “Road” means 99% on road. “Gravel” means between 2% and 100% gravel. Don’t take your road bike ! ”Track” means dirty track, better to use a mountain bike.

⚠️ You ride these routes at your own risks. This is not an official cycling website.

⚠️ Ride safe. Always wear a helmet, proper lights on your bike, and respect other people on the road. Always have food and water. Always have a reparation kit.

Most of the roads are not in a great shape. I advise you to use large tyres on your bike, it will make your rides safer.

Pune is having a great cycling community.

The Indian Cyclist Youtube channel provides great videos, especially the ones about the routes in and around Pune. A great job !

Discord : A large community (especially in Pune), perfect to find people to ride with.

Routes list